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Early/Late Reading Intervention Program

The reading intervention program was designed to help learners who have difficulties with literacy in either English or French. A team of trained teachers work in small groups with them to facilitate the acquisition of reading fluency, comprehension, writing, phonological awareness, and communication strategies that enable them to perform at class level. The reading intervention program also helps also students who study English/French as a second or even third language. 

The main objective of this program is to prevent learning difficulties that are as of a poor literacy capability of students. It gives to learners the necessary tools for reading comprehension that fit their grade levels. 

The success of the program depends on the efforts of both teams which systematically teach and encourage the students. The intervention team works closely with the homeroom teacher to ensure that the learning objectives are reached. The reading intervention program team communicates regularly with parents also to make sure that the learner is progressing.  

Students work with the literacy team for at least 18 weeks depending on their reading levels. In small groups, they start the program early in the academic year. The kindergarten group starts the program at the beginning of the third term of the academic year to prevent literacy difficulties that may occur when they join the primary school team. 

The literacy enrichment team composed by the trained teachers and the Bright Angels Program Management team will help parents understand the benefits of this program.
For any other information, please contact the Principal: 0787112323

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