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At Bright Angels International School children discover their world by playing in a safe environment. Our aim is for the kids to develop social skills and communication skills in English and French on top of their respective mother tongues.  Daycare and Tiny tots allow kids to move freely under professional supervision and guidance. The clean, safe and child-inviting environment provides multiple learning opportunities.  The learning program provided in Nursey One, Two and Three is an International Learning Based curriculum that starts with French (9 months to 4 years) to build a good bilingual foundation as most children come to us speaking already English.

From Nursery 3 (5 years) children are put into a partial English emersion program. They spend half of their day with an Anglophone Teacher who progressively introduces the Cambridge Primary Curriculum via ‘’Global English’’; English itself, Math and Science lessons are taught in English while the rest of the school program is conducted by a Francophone Teacher,  where French (as a lesson), social and environmental studies, life skills, art and craft, sports lessons and other learning activities are conducted in French.

This prepares them to smoothly embrace the Cambridge Primary Program that is provided in the primary school.

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