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Bright Angels International School Nyarutarama opened Primary Section in September 2018. Students  are taught according to the Cambridge system. They also benefit from the french Curriculum as it is provided by the ministry of education of France. Our teaching and administrative staff is made up of people with different nationalities.

Here the Cambridge Primary Curriculum is effectively put into place. This program is composed by  Cambridge Primary main lessons  (MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE, GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE) and Cambridge Primary Secondary lessons (ART AND CRAFT, MUSIC, ICT STATERS). The main courses are taught in English – except ICT. The French curriculum is inspired by the ‘’Programme Français’’ as it is provided by the Ministry of Education of France. Some of our courses are taught  in French. French itself as a lesson has 8 periods per week, the Art and Craft, and many other Support Programs are given in French. The social studies course is inspired by the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) of the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and is taught in French. The Kinyarwanda language is not left aside as these learners are encouraged to properly understand the and smoothly deal with the language, culture and customs of the country they live in. At Bright Angels International school, children have 2 periods of Kinyarwanda lessons every week.


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KG 9 avenue
Nyarutarama, Kigali, Rwanda