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School program

1. Our school is open from 6:45. Classes start at 8:00 am.  From 7:30 am,  there is already a circle time in our Nursery Section.
2. Half day pick up time is from 12:30-40 to 1:15.   Full day learners remain in school up to 5:30 pm.
3. Please have an eye on our after school centers on your child’s timetable. These include:
outdoor games (sand and water plays, sports centers, life skills workshops, ...) and indoor activities(Guided reading, story telling, art and craft, music and dance, role play, ...). The activities vary every term according to the focus of the curriculum.
4. We may celebrate birthdays in our classes. Birthdays are celebrated at breakfast for half day Nursery learners and from 2:00 pm  to 3:00 pm, Full day Nursery learners and Primary School Section. To avoid disrupting the learning process, parents are required to respect time.

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KG 9 avenue
Nyarutarama, Kigali, Rwanda