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CONFIDENT in teaching their subject and engaging each student in learning. 

Cambridge teachers know their subject well and know how to teach it. They seek to understand their learners and their educational needs. They strive to communicate a love of learning and to encourage students to engage actively in their own learning.

RESPONSIBLE for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others. 

Cambridge teachers are highly professional in their approach to teaching and they are collaborative and supportive. They understand their actions will help shape future generations and they are concerned about the holistic development of every individual they teach.

REFLECTIVE as learners themselves, developing their practice. 

Cambridge teachers are themselves learners, seeking to build on and develop their knowledge and skills through a virtuous circle of reflection on practice – involving research, evaluation and adaptation. They support students to become independent and reflective learners.

INNOVATIVE and equipped for new and future challenges. 

Cambridge teachers are creative, experimenting with new ideas and pursuing an enquiring approach in their teaching. They are open to new challenges, being resourceful, imaginative and flexible. They are always ready to learn and apply new skills and techniques.

ENGAGED intellectually, professionally and socially, ready to make a difference. 

Cambridge teachers are passionate about learning within and beyond the classroom, sharing their knowledge and skills with teachers in the wider educational community.

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