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The mission of Bright Angels International School Nyarutarama

The mission of Bright Angels International School Nyarutarama is:
  • To provide high-quality education. 
  • To focus on good discipline and behavior as these play a big role in someone's future. 
  • To create an enjoyable environment where all the children feel at home. 
  • Focus on spiritual life to let children know from their young age that there is a God above all. 
  • To offer learning programs and processes that awaken learners to become global citizens who are responsible and responsive, creative,  open minded and who approach learning with humility. The programs develop their skills, and in doing so, guide them to become active participants in the future global economy with positive discipline. Bright angels school insists on the importance of sharpening the character of its students. They will derive much joy from learning to work for the progress of theirs local and national environment as well as the progress of the world that they live in. Our programs enhance their passion for languages, sciences and many forms of art and sports. Bright angels International Schools’ learners are taught to think critically, solve life problems and serve others. They are encouraged to achieve excellence in what they do.

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KG 9 avenue
Nyarutarama, Kigali, Rwanda