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Welcome to Bright Angels International School!

Mme. Francine Nyiramana

Mme. Francine Nyiramana

Director and Founder

We are a lovely and child inviting school situated in Nyarutarama. The Bright Angels International School’s team is made of teachers who work hard to provide a learning environment that promotes high academic standards, strong values and cultivate an enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Mme. Judith Nyamoga

Mme. Judith Nyamoga


We strive to put forth our moto ‘’Good education combined with positive discipline leads to success’’ in our daily interactions with our learners. We continuously work towards the best practices, paying close attention to the Cambridge learners’ profile. Read more

What we offer

Daycare and Tiny Tots

Daycare allows kids to move freely under professional supervision and guidance. The clean, safe and child-inviting environment provides multiple learning opportunities.


The learning program provided in Nursey One, Two and Three is an International Learning Based curriculum that starts with French (9 months to 4 years) to build a good bilingual foundation as most children come to us speaking already English.


This program is composed by several examinable and non-examinable courses. The examinable courses are taught in English – except ICT. The French curriculum is inspired by the ‘’Programme Français’’ as it is provided by the Ministry of Education of France.

Why to choose us ?

At Bright Angels International School Nyarutarama, we’re proud to offer a unique educational experience based on love, affection and discipline that you cannot find anywhere else.

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What we Do

After School Service

Children from other schools benefit from our afternoon activities including sports, ICT staters, french clubs, life skills, role play, English reading (library), danse, music and much more. The feeding and homework help are included.

Homework Support Program

This program helps children whose parents have late hours working schedule during the week. A team for Bright Angels teachers stay behind to supervise and facilitate these children to do their homework. Parents are allowed to pick up children up to 6:00 pm.

Early/Late Reading Intervention

The program was designed to help learnes who have difficulties with litteracy in either English or French. A team of trained teachers work in small groups with them to facilitate the acquisition of reading fluency, comprehension, writing, phonological awarness and communication strategies that enable them to perform at class level. It also helps students who study English/French as a second language.

Cross-curricular activities

One hour every full day at school (3:30 - 4:30) is dedicated to awaken children's talents and unknown potentials through self-expression activities that include drama, spelling bees, construction, debate, art and craft, life skills, dance/music, role play, sports and much more.

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KG 9 avenue
Nyarutarama, Kigali, Rwanda